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Grace Aquagard M40R Polyurethane Membrane

Grace Aquagard M40R is a fast curing Polyurethane Waterproof Membrane. Suitable for use in Wet Areas, Bathrooms,Showers,Toilets and Laundries. Externally Balconies ,Planters,Podiums. Tanking Retaining Walls ,Water features, Non Potable Water storage. Aquagard M40R can be applied to most stable surfaces, Brick, Block, Concrete, Render, Compressed Board or Timber.NO T-Traffible or UV Stable.

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Elastoseal® TR

Elastoseal®TR is a high performance synthetic rubber-based membrane, designed to offer waterproofing to areas subjected to permanent immersion and internal pedestrian traffic. Elastoseal® TR used under screeds or toppings is capable of accommodating expected structural movement. When used in combination with a reinforcing fabric, exhibits outstanding toughness and resistance to puncture.

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