100% australian


Coverage:1.2 l / m²
Data Sheet:http://thewaterproofingwarehouse.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/msds.pdf
Recommended Uses:It can be applied to: Ideal for roofs, patios, drain pipes, chimney pipes and for sealing pressure free pipes etc. 000012

Seal like the professionals!

At last – 100% waterproof and rain proof!  High elasticity. Water Stop is a brushable sealing compound, re-inforced with fibres and can be used in any weather.

Now you can use Water Stop to repair leaks as soon as they appear – in any weather from -10°c to 30°C. Even leaks of up to 10mm width can be repaired. Elasticity up to 1300%. Water Stop immediately provides a water proof surface and can be stepped on after a drying out period.

Porous substrates (wood, concrete, stone) must be dry before you start.


Please note: can cause severe eye irritation.